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Learn how to shave using a straight razor, for beginners and professionals

Classes are offered privately. All Private classes are $40 per hour and are sold in blocks of 3.5hours minimum or $140 +tx.

Available days are Fridays. Start times are somewhat flexible. Book early.

Bring a friend a get 10% off for you and your friend. ($36 per hour each)

Bring 2 friends and get 20% for all of you. ($32 per hour each)

The course

A condensed course providing you with the fundamentals of straight razoring. Be able to provide shaves and clean-ups for your clients. You will learn client preparation, safety, disinfection, equipment care, and shaving techniques.

All tools and equipment necessary for the course completion are included, please bring along 2 or 3 friends with beards so that you can practice on live models. The school is not responsible for supplying models

After completion, you will be awarded a certificate in Shaving.

No Prerequisite*

Coût du cours:

140 $ + tx



Course Curriculum


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