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  1. Admission requirements

Our programs are open to anyone who is passionate about hairdressing! However, good comprehension of English, French or Spanish language is essential to succeed in our programs.


  1. How can I register for your courses?

You can choose among three ways below to register with us:

  • In person: You are welcome to visit our school! Please check our opening hours. It is advised to call us ahead of time so that we could better serve you.
  • By phone: Call us during our opening hours at (514 )757 5200. Our representative will be happy to help you with registration process.
  • Online: Please fill out our form (insert link) and submit it. We will process your file and contact you by your preferred method.

* Please note that a fee of $250 is payable at the time of registration and one government-issued photo ID will be asked when starting the course.


  1. Why should I choose International Hair School?
  • Complete base courses of Hairstyling and Barbering. Learn all basic techniques to become a hairdresser or a barber in 4 to 6 months. Our program is the standard program that is used in U.S to pass state exam to get Hairdressing / Barbering licence. Our Milady’s Standard textbook has been the premier textbook for Cosmetology education since 1938. Being developed and updated regularly, it is recognized as the leader and most comprehensive and current source for Cosmetology students. Currently being used in 48 countries, our program opens to great possibility of transferring.
  • Transparency. You can always find our up-to-date information about our pricing and time line on our website.
  • Qualified instructors. Our teachers are carefully chosen and possess broad and profound experience.
  • Flexibility. Along with the base courses, we have numerous shorter courses. We could also design courses based on your specific needs.
  • There are multiple payment plans that student could choose from. At the end of the course, we would provide students with official invoice for claiming tax credit purpose.
  • Chance to practice on clients. We have a stable clientele for students to practice. After graduation, you could get commission for working with school’s clients, please contact us to know more about this program.
  • Referral program. We offer students rewards when they successfully refer someone to us.
  • Being a student at our school, you are entitled to discounts at various beauty supply distributors and when buying products from us.
  • Alumni get discount on perfection courses.


  1. When are you open?

Our opening hours are:

Monday – Friday: 9:30 -5

Saturday: 10:30 – 4

Sunday: Closed


* Times are subjected to change. Please call before visiting us.

  1. Where can I find your course dates?

Insert link for course dates

  1. Can I visit the school?

You are welcomed to visit the school. You could join our classes and be student for one day, absolutely free! Please call us to know more about this opportunity.

  1. What are the career opportunities for me after graduation?

Students would find work in beauty salons; barbershops; photography, theater and cinema studios; work independently or even open their own businesses!

Below are some information on Hairdressing & Barbering careers you might find useful:

Data on job placement:



Hairdresser/Barber information from Emploi Quebec:


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