Why Study Properties of the Hair and Scalp?


Cosmetologists should study and have a thorough understanding of the properties of the hair and scalp because:

■■ You need to know how and why hair grows and how and why it falls out in order to be able to differentiate between normal and abnormal hair loss.

■■ Knowing what creates natural color and texture is a vital part of being able to offer a variety of chemical services to clients.

■■ Spotting an unhealthy scalp condition that could be harboring a communicable disease or even be causing permanent hair loss is a way to aid your client in caring for their scalp and hair’s well-being.

June 14, 2013

Montreal International Hairdressing School has more than 21 years of experience in the preparation of hairdressers and barbers to work and succeed in the hairdressing industry. 

L’ecole de coiffure International, basée à Montréal, a plus de 21 ans d’expérience dans la préparation et l’équipement des coiffeurs, et barbiers pour travailler et réussir dans l’industrie de la coiffure.


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